Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Black Friday!!

Are you ready!!!!!! For the day after Thanksgiving Sales!!! The excitement, the thrill!! The rush of getting stuff 60% off!!! Fighting your way thru the crowds to save $15 on a tickle me elmo!!!

I am!!! and I am taking Heather with me!! ahhhhh haha ha ha ha!!
Bright and early in your sweats and tennies!! Ready to run and find amazing deals on crap you really dont need!!! Hot chocolate! Frozen ears from waiting in line for an hour to get that perfect TV!! I can't wait, then after a tough 3 hours of shopping at 5 different stores! (yeah thats all it takes) you get a sit down to breakfast and regret all the money you just spent!! Fantastic!
Our target stores are... Circuit City!! flat screen LCD TV's are a great deal!! Babies R' Us! cases of diapers $10.00! Big Lots, Kohls! 60% off everything.. I was kinda sad by Walmart and Target this year :( BooHOO.. Good luck ladies!

3 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Amy said...

I'm SO left out.

Babies R Us is having cases of diapers for $10? What brand are they?

I think it's so cute that you plan on freezing your ears off! Yeah, that 50 degree weather...BRRRRRRRRR!! Don't forget the long johns and wool socks. =)

I've still only done the Black Friday shopping spree once--and that was the year we went...waited in the REALLY long line at Walmart and wherever else we went. The actual shopping was very underwhelming, but the experience of it all was fun.

As for me this year, well, I have an array of fabulous gas stations, animal feed, and auto parts stores to go crazy in! Somebody lock up my credit card!

Casey said...

the diapers are the babies r us brand, but.. they are the dillards of diapers when it comes to generic :) wow!! gas stations and auto parts stores! .. that sux maybe you can get everyone on your list a pack of gun and scented tree for their car :) I wish you were here to go with us, and my little ears are sensitive to the 50 degree weather! :P

Heather and Spencer said...

I am sooo sorry I couldn't go... gotta love a 4 yr old with pink eye!! But hey, we got the trampoline still and that's all I wanted!