Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Green Beans & Ketchup!

We went to the Texas Roadhouse for my birthday dinner on sunday. I had to put this on here because I was so proud of Riley! He did such a great job! he was sitting in the highchair next to gracee in her's (who is my niece whom I just adore!)

Gracee got mac & cheese and Riley got chicken fingers. so he picked off a peice of one of his chicken fingers.... slid it on gracee's plate and grabbed a handful of her mac and cheese! He was trading with her. I thought it was so cute and gracee didnt mind. After about ten mins he had her whole plate in front of him and ended up shoveling the mac & cheese in his mouth!

Silly kid & he dips his green beans in ketchup! Yuck! Anyone else's kids have weird eating habits?

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Amy said...

What does Riley's shirt say?

And I thought your birthday was on the 23rd!?

Gracee is a cutie! Who is she?

Lily's been a little afraid of ketchup ever since we were at a restaurant a few months ago and she ate a big spoonful of ketchup. She started screaming! I don't know if it was the salt or the vinegar...but it didn't feel good!

The only weird eating habit she really has, is she's recently started to eat off the wrong end of the spoon. Must be fun.

Casey said...

His shirt says, Lock up your daughters! It is so cute! Gracee is Mike's brothers daughter, They have Harlee too :) I am so glad Riley gets to grow up with his cousins :) I wish you were closer though :(

Amy said...

What a cute (and appropriate) shirt!

Gracee is a doll!

Heather and Spencer said...

Jayden and Easton eat ketchup with their pizza... it's SOOO GROSS!!!