Thursday, March 13, 2008

Inspired by Heather :)

Heather always has the cutest things in her house! She is so very creative.. You know when you get something new you get motivated to use it right away! Well since we are moved into our new home, I have been motivated to try (try = key word) to be crafty! :) Here is something I made tonight, and here are also more pictures of my house, I will keep them coming as soon as I finish upacking my stuff...

Ok, I stole this letter idea from heather.. I know they are a little lop-sided.. hehe.. I tried.. but to hang them I had to be a little creative... But... I works :) Yay! They were easy and didnt cost to much! Someone else make some neat stuff so I can steal your ideas! :)

This is a wreath I attempted to make.. It started off really bad, but got better :) I tried to make it like the ones in Michaels, but everything I make turns out looking a little Hippie-Dippie.. But I guess thats just who I am.. Oh well

This is my kitchen! :) Its huge and I have cooked in it.. yeah really me! I made chicken enchalada's (spelling?) BBQ stuff, roasted potato's ect.. Its great!

This is looking from the hallway by the door & the playroom/den into the kitchen area :)

My new couches!! I love them, but I think Michael loves them more! He has them set up like an extra bed with the giant ottoman.. I haven't totally finished putting curtains up yet, just wanted to see how they would look :)

Growing UP! Riley's crib is now a toddler bed.. Oh how fast the years go by! He picked out his own bedding eventhough he doesnt watch Thomas the Train.. I think he just liked the "chew chew" sound I made when I was giving him the options!.. U should have heard my spiderman.. no wonder he didnt pick that one :P

5 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Charli said...

I like the things you make they are you. It's great that your getting stuff all up. I have been in our place for 2yrs now and I still have not gotten everything up they way I want or just up. If like me you find yourself having a hard time hanging stuff straigh make it lopsided on purpose. Unless your the type of person everything has to be semetrical (? SC)
Looks to me things are coming together quite nice. :)

Spencer&Heather said...

you are doing a great job!! I am glad that I inspire you... now we hafta get your super cute growth chart up!!

Casey said...

LOL, Charlie I did make it lopsided on purpose, mike came in and said it looked weird, so I tried to straighten it out.. by puting more little holes in the wall :( so.... I quit while I was ahead :)

Amy said...

I'm REALLY surprised that you were being crafty! I'm still trying to picture you in Michael's! You did a really good job. How do you do the letters?

Your house is awesome! Put more pictures up!

Are you going to be doing any painting?

Casey said...

I really want to paint, but it takes allot of work with a 2 year old. & picking the colors I want.. I love color! But its hard to chose... because when I do.. people think I am weird