Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My first recipe!!!

Ok, I know its a crock pot meal.. but.. I add something :) I think that counts!

1. go to the store, in the freezer area.. (easy right?)
2. open the freezer door that contains.. Banquet crock pot meals.. Pick one :)
( my favorite is the chicken and potato's or the chicken & Rice yummy! )
3. Go pay for your purchase, (you may also choose to add something, like extra carrots-chicken or potato's -optional)
4. drive home listening to some great music on the radio (or cd- optional)
5. take your purchase in the kitchen! & get out your.. Handy Dandy CROCK POT!
6. follow the clearly written direction on the butt of the bag :)
7. 4-8 hours later (depending on cooking levels) You will have a super fun, easy, Casey meal.! Your family will love.. not because its delicious (it is though), but because they got to spend more time with you!

I would get you a finished pic.. but.. I have... 4 hours to go.. lol.. so it will have to wait! :)

Something weird.. We got a really cool new fridge when we got our new house! :) I thought.. Holy Crap I can fit allot of food in that! Today I was looking for something and its so full! I thought I would never fill it, we shouldnt have to shop again for months! But I still look in it and see things I need.. I also see tons of things that Gillian (from the biggest loser) would kick my butt for!!) Oh well.. but.. I am not starting that stage of my life till next week! :)

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Spencer&Heather said...

that is a casey recipe at it's finest!! you are the biggest dork :) but I love ya!!!

Charli said...

HAhaha you are funny, but remember this KISS( keep it simple silly) and that works. I love cook the same way most of the time. :)

Stina said...

ahhhh! i have forgoten about those! i need to do a recipe post! i have some pictures on my camera that i need to download to do it

Amy said...

Wise guy.


Amy said...


Charli said...

I hope it turned out well...