Monday, March 3, 2008

The sweet smell of Spring!! To order or just to look around! :)

Ok, If there is anyone out there who hasnt heard of Scentsy.. Let me fill you in.
It is amazing!! I love it for many reason.. #1. Its totally kid friendly! No fire, No flame, and it only gets mildly hot. If Riley gets into it and spills the wax on himself it will only be warm, and he will smell great for awhile :)
#2. Once you get past buying the warmer, each scent is only $5 to change! or cheaper if you buy the discount packs, They have over 80 scents! That are amazing! You can change the scents everyday because they are re-usable! I keep mine on 24 hrs a day! The wax at this rate lasts about a month, then starts to die off.. Some scents last longer then others. Most people turn there warmers on while they are home for a few hours so the scents last months! The warmers are cute and they plug in :) Here are some pics of the new stuff! Let me know if you would like a catalog or to host a party to get free stuff! :) check out the site for all the warmers and scents!

3 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Charli said...

okay sign me up .... I am spending way to much on air fresheners.

Amy said...

Is there a way to see bigger pictures of the burners? There's a couple I think I like, but I need a bigger picture.

Casey said...

This is a way! :) Go to this website. and you can see everything up close. I can also send you a basket of samples if you would like so you can smell allot of the really good scents!