Friday, April 11, 2008

I am in LOVE !!!!

With shutterfly!!!
What a fantastic site! They have this great plan too. Its an annual savings plan. It's $29.99 for the whole year. When you join you get 25 free prints, a free BOOK! Which I have some pics of the one I made for Riley (value of the book is $29.99) and you get 30% off prints and collage posters for the whole year!. Plus you get lots of other free bonus's like I have already earned another book! & a free 11x14 print :) Here are some things I have done.

They have hundreds of page colors and style!

You can pick how many pictures on each page! & the standard book is 20 pages.

I made this book for Riley's 2nd birthday! the next book I am going to make will be of friends and family. I love it because I dont have to get all the pictures I take printed and then put them in a photo album, and scrapbooking is expensive and so time consuming (plus I suck at it)

The book is a hard back book, looks just like you would buy it at a store, I also got one of our family pictures blown up to 20x30! and put a quote on it, Its a huge piece of art work and it was only $20.00 less acually with that 30% off :)

Every time I log on they have some special going on. Save on cards/magnets/t-shirts/large prints/books ect. So if you love taking pictures and have $30 :) This is the place to go! Oh yeah! Shipping is sooooo fast! I ordered my pics saturday at 1am! and they were here on tuesday :)

I didnt frame it very well :( But I am still learning that :) I couldnt figure out how to keep it from wrinkling the back layer under the picture :P But.. You can't even tell unless you shine a bright light on it :) So I guess thats good!

7 Comments!! I love Comments!:

the delapers said...

That sounds like a great site, I'll have to check it out.

Your books looke great!

Spencer&Heather said...

Casey!!! Oh my goodness!! I love it!! The book, the pic, I love it!!! I want a membership for my birthday!! I'll be sure to ask Spencer for that!!!

Spencer&Heather said...

P.S. Your curtains are hung!!! Yay!!

Charli said...

I think that a great way to scrape book for the busy person, I love the photo by the way.....

Amy said...

That's really cute! MUCH easier than scrappin'! I've always wanted to order something from them.

I love your curtains.

I had a picture that did the same thing yours does--all I did was fold up some sheets of newspaper the same size as my picture and put it between the picture and the backing. Then it forces the picture to lie flat. Make sense? You could also use cardboard or paper towels. No one will ever see.

Dutchess said...

oh my goodness those are awesome! I had seen those books as a way to display wedding photos, a family album looks great too!

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