Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What have you done for me lately??

Ok, I ask my husband this question allot! But... lately I have been asking myself this question... What have I done to improve the world?? Help mankind?? Make a positive change in my community??...
Global Warming, Poverty, Starvation, Crime, Waste, ect.. the list goes on and on.
I look at my child and wonder what the world will be like in 25 years. When he is in the prime of his life... With the world in the shape it is now!? what will his generation be responsible to fix, that we broke!
PICK A CAUSE! This is my journey over the next few weeks.. I am going to start making those small choices in my home. In my home, we have changed all of our lightbulbs to energy saving compact fluorescent lightbulbs. They are not that expensive and they last 7-10 years!! they will actually save you money!

I am calling tomorrow to see if our trash service has recycling bins.
Here is a checklist you can look at to see if you can make a difference in your home. Every little thing helps! :) I am also going to invest in those re-useable bags at walmart! :) That way.. If I get 8 bags, keep them in my car, maybe I will buy less when I go to the store! If it can't all fit in the bags, I dont need it! I am also going to stop wasting! I have realized that we have allot of waste in our house and I am going to make the effort to reduce the waste.
Go here to find out more about living green! Making our world better for our childen in the future!

Here is another cause I feel so strongly about! FILL THE CUP,

Join Drew Barrymore in helping the World Food Program feed millions of people all over the globe every year. WFP has a dream: to feed 10 million more hungry school children in Africa by Thanksgiving Day. A gift $50 will help fill a child's cup for a year, and that dream can be realized.

Even a small donation will go a long way. It takes just 25 cents to fill one of the Red Cups that WFP uses to give hungry kids a school meal. This food will not only feed bodies, but also minds, and will help transform lives. Help us Fill the Cup.
I made the donation! Will you??

2 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Amy said...

Good for you. It's good to be aware of this and that and what not.

I've been planning on getting those reusable bags at Walmart too. They're a good idea...pretty practical too. Too bad they aren't prettier.

Charli said...

So going green.. it takes one thing at a time I love those lights I am slowly replacing all of mine I been using them for years.. Also I buying products from a new company that are all biogradable and non-toxic ... and I am loving them.....
I have a full garage full of items I am donating to the veterans if I can ever remember to call...