Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's day = Family Day

Father's Day Fun! :)

This kid is crazy! :) but he looks pretty cool in those shades!

Gene and Jenny @ Dinner

Three generations of Langen's.

My Favorite In-Law's Chris, Emily, Harlee & Gracee!

Me ( :P I didnt even have time to comb my hair before we went!!.. Oh well ) Mike & Mr. Riley
Mike had to work in the morning, but we had a great night! We went to Red Lobster to celebrate with His Dad & his brother & the family..

3 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Charli said...

looks like every one had fun, We just went over to Andy Uncle's house and went swimming

the delapers said...

Great pictures!! Its nice to see pictures of my family, and see how everyone is growing up and changing!

Amy said...

Cute pictures! I love Red Lobster...they have the best cheese biscuits.