Saturday, June 14, 2008

Little Confessions....


#1... Sometimes when my husband is snoring and I can't sleep.. I kick him so he will roll over, I pretend its an accident and say "oh sorry babe", he rolls over and its quite for a few mins! :)

#2... On my days off, I say there are things I need at the store, just to get a little "me" time, its nice :)

#3... I am addicted to checking my email, eventhough I rarely get anything of substance, usually just generic "Save 20% this week ONLY!" emails, but still I check and I I am usually to lazy to respond right away when I do get a real e-mail from someone.

#4... During the day, all the TV's in the house are on, right before my hubby gets home I run around and turn everything off! so he wont give me a lecture about wasting electricity.

#5.... I buy, fruits and fresh veggies and stuff to make meals! But they usually go bad, because on days I work, the last thing I want to do it cook! or prepare anything,

#6 .... I am addicted to those smut, reality shows, Like Tila Tequila, The Girls Next Door, I love New York, and Flava Flav ( this guy is weird)! & I have to remember to get mike this silly hat he wears.. LOL I bet there is one on Ebay!! , Denise Richards,Living Lohan.. its sad really.. OOhh and the dating reality shows like, Farmer wants a wife, bachelor & bachelorette, and Next

#7.... I dont read to Riley enough, He turns the pages to fast & doesnt really listen so I get frusterated and give up.... grrrr..

#8.... I am nearly always late to work, I say its because of traffic or something, but its really because I am not anxious to get somewhere I will be sitting for at least 10 hours! although I love my job,

#9..... I tell my hubby that I have homework to do, so when I dont want to watch something with him, I say I have research to do instead.. eventhough school is out for the summer :P

#10.... Since I have been working at the Police Dept, I am suspicious of everyone and everything. Because I have come to learn that 90% of people are up to no good. So if someone is selling bikes on the corner, I wonder.. "where they stole those from", oir kids selling lemonade at the park, " I wonder what is really in that lemonade and who's tree they stole them from"....& so on.. Although I still find the goodness in everyone, I am also wondering about alllll the bad things they do to. :)

What are some of your confessions :) We all have them!

2 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Amy said...

Mike doesn't read this does he?...Cuz you just gave away some very important bits of info!

Charli said...

Thoes are some of my confessions too.. Thats just too funny...
I have told Andy that I am meeting a friend and I go to the movies by my self sometimes....