Saturday, November 22, 2008

30 flirty, and thriving! Yeah RIGHT!

ok.. sooooo I am turning 30! I know not so old.. but I have this weird fear since my Mom died at the age of 41.. so it's almost like a count down for me.. 11 years left.. and if I make it past then.. its just a bonus round.. I know that sounds stupid but for some reason I can't get myself to think another way. When I think of someone that is in their 30's I think.. An adult.. someone who has it together, knows what they want and where they are going in life.. I dont think I am to that point yet.. I am still going to school.. for.......... yep.. good question! and I will be going to school for "something" for a very long time because of student loans. I like my job.. well.. most of the time.. but I am bored already and need something that will keep me interested,. which is a HUGE downfall,. This is my 31st job! Yep, 31 jobs and that doesnt count the telemarking jobs I got and then quit the same day. I have never had a honeymoon... and I still want more kids but I am finding that extremely hard to do. I dont get out much, but yet I am always busy..

I was listening to Tim Mcgraws song today.. "the next 30 years" and it made so much sense..
Things I want to do.. in my next 30 years!... or 11
I want to cry less!
Laugh more!
spend time with my family
really look at things, the world around me.. instead of going so fast thru life
raise my family by the Golden Rule,
Never take things for granted
Love everyone and understand that differences make the world great! and intersting
worry less!
dont care what other people think about me, enjoy being myself
make a difference in the world! This is a big one for me. Even ifs it just raising Riley to have a compassionate heart and a helpful spirit, so someday he will have all the qualities to change the world.
Get more Vitamin D!!! Yes that silly sun!
Have a job/no a career! I love and have my own desk! :)
Motivate my husband!!!
Learn something new every week!
Have another beautiful baby to help complete our family
meet and hangout with my neighbors
enjoy, laugh and sing everyday..
Learn everything I need to know to be self sufficient, I never want to be stuck not
Never Ever ever again to have the financial problems, never worry about if we pay the mortgage or get groceries again!
see more, get out more!! GO TO SEDONA! and the Snow! Paris! New York, a cruise! there are so many amazing things to do in this world and I want to do them!
Teach Riley about the little things in life that mean so much!.. while he is little and still thinks I know everything.
I want to excersise more,... ok.. I dont know if I Want to.. but I need to.. I think I will just wait in live at 4am black friday for a Wii fit! :) that will work.
I want to wear a bathing suit!! on the beach!! well.. maybe a small private beach :) I dont want to get carried away or anything :)
I want to be able to stand up for myself. I notice that lately I am getting more opinionated with things I know are wrong or unjust.. which is good :) not that I dont pertake in my share of wrong things.. like speeding, littering my gum out the window! which I hate. and intend to stop that too!
I want to do the simple things that I can to help improve the world for our children.. because I know that is so important!
This is my partial list of things I want to do...and who I strive to be. Hello 30'S Goodbye 20's :( I will miss you...
On to the adult years!!
Does that mean I can't still be in love with my hello kitty toaster! It's Awesome!

3 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Amy said...

Happy Birthday my dear!!

I wish you lots of luck with the list and send lots of disgustingly happy thoughts your way.

When you go to New York and Paris...TAKE ME WITH YOU!

And you're not too old for your toaster...especially since that's what you're coming back as in your next life.

Charli said...

I am so with you on this point. Hey will find are way sooner or later. and who says you have to be a grown up when you turn 30 for most people now days there just starting there lives ie.. getting married or having a family. Just think your a step ahead :)

the delapers said...

Ooohh, you are OLD now!!! I say this, knowing full well I will be old next month... :P

Happy Birthday!