Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birthday Fun

What a fun day! We went to Chili's for dinner, which was great! I LOVE love LOve their Chicken Enchalada soup! & I know I spelled that wrong :P
Riley ran all over, of courst I hate that it drives me nuts. I am going to have to make him sit in a high chair forever!.. and its the only time he refuses to listen to me, grr..

But he ate all of his corn and I think most of Gracee's too!
Tiff and Jason were there! :) but they wuss'd out on bowling.. lol j/k they had to work super early.

Then we went bowling! It was great fun!

The kids did awesome! and I scored at 72! woohoo! I know that's not very good but I tried really hard.

Tammy and Jeremy were there, Jeremy did great and had the highest score on the 2nd game!
Emily, Chris and the girls.. & the newest addition to the family ( sounds like she is a newborn) is Lacy! :)
She came to! I was very happy,

Emily's friend Nikki came,she is so much fun! and her wonderful baby Eli, who is so good!

We had a great time! :) I can't believe how much fun bowling is, eventhough I really suck @ it.

So turns out 30 isnt so bad after all :) Well, its only the first day though.

5 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Charli said...

No 30 isn't that Bad at all! I am glad you had fun.. For your present from me you can choose one:
and illustrated photo from me, a tattoo, or Family photo shoot. Free!!! just let me know okay...

Amy said...

That first picture of you is gorgeous! I love it!

I'm glad you had fun yesterday!

Charli said...

Hey i had to delete myold blog.
It now named Charli and Kids

Dutchess said...

you are so gorgeous!

Casey said...

Charlie! yay! I want... I think.. either the photo shoot, or.. a tattoo.. :) I have been thinking about what to get for awhile now. Thanks!
Thanks for the compliments guys! the pic turned out good, it was the photographer.. well at least thats what he says! lol