Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight Night!

Me a bunch of girls from work, their daughters and my sister in law and her friend went to see Twilight last night! The theater was packed and we had to wait outside in line for nearly an hour.
I think I enjoyed the expierence more then the movie! It was crazy being surrounded by teenage girls screaming when Edward came on the screen. If you didnt read the book, all the little things in the movie wont mean much to you. But the movie was ok, they left allot out, didnt explain much about the other people in the story, and there were allot of funny parts. It didnt give me goosebumps like the book,
While reading it, I laughed I cried and I signed in pure girlish romance.. but the movie,, didnt make me do most of those things., Oh well. maybe I was expecting to much.. Not to say that I wont watch it again.,. and of course buy it on dvd when it comes out. You could tell it was low budget.. But the next movie will be better! :) After all the money they are going to make this weekend alone!
This is a dorky pic of my work crew outside the theater :) We had a good time though!

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Amy said...

I'm jealous! My time will come soon!