Saturday, March 28, 2009

Eastons Birthday Party!

Heather's son Easton turned 4 years old! Riley and I went to his party today, She hired a music lady to come and entertain the kids, I think she did a great job!!
Riley is such a thinker, he wants to sit and watch for a long time before he decides to participate in anything, All the kids where using sponges and dusters to clean up, Riley wanted NO part of it,

then when she had moved on to something else, then he wanted to try it. I think I am going to enroll him in a class at the community center! He would love it (after watching a couple times first)

The kids had a blast! she had musical instruments I havent seen since I was in elementry school! She had a giant parachute, which I have always wanted one! :)

My camera died before the cupcakes and presents though,

After we left I asked Riley what his favorite part was and he said "all the kids mommy!" I was giving him crap about not participating at the begining, and he said "I want Aunt Heather" LOL, maybe because Heather wouldnt give him crap about it :)

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Heather said...

Thank you for taking pictures for me! The party was so fun, I got so many compliments today at church. I would love to sign my kids up for a regular class with her. Infact, I might look into it for the summer. Thank you for making the trip out to mesa!

Riley, I wouldn't have given you crap :) I love you kid!