Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family Vacation Part 2

LegoLand!! It was great! :) Mike was amazing how many things they could make out of lego's. We didnt take as many picture as I would have like here. But here is what I got! :)

They had a small driving range for the kids, Easton and Jay did GREAT!! Riley.. well let's just say.. he didnt get a drivers license.. He couldnt even figure out that he had to hold the gas peddle down, and then well.. steer at the same time! Heck no, he is not a multi-tasker :) Here is Jay, smiling and driving!

Here is Riley, the poor employee had to spend all his time with him.. trying to get him to move.. then he crashed Oh well

Next was the helicopter Ride! I didnt go on this.. looked sooo boring! and the line was super long! But.. these suckers did :)

They had a mini-america land. Which mike loved! & Riley too :) ok.. me to.. it was super cute! They have towns, and cities made of lego's and they even had working cars, and people walking.
This looks like riley is GIANT!

Bob the builder show, was going to be there the day after we were there!! Bummer, but riley was still excited to see him, Here are a few other pics from the day

Ok, this was a kids ride, but there were lots of adults on it. I barley fit my big butt on the seat, but it sure was fun!

Riley got a Thomas the train lego kit at the beginning! Which he pouted most of the day saying he wanted to go home (2 play with it) should have got it at the end, but I have never seen as many people crammed into a store as there was in the legoland store 30 mins after the place closed! it was nuts!

The last day, we checked out of the hotel and went shopping at Mission Beach, and took a few family pics at the beach :) I'll put everyones up here so they can steal them for their scrapbooks if they want to :)

This seemed like a good idea to point at the sign, but.. it looks a little dorky :) thats ok though, it was fun

We had a great vacation!! We are planning on going with everyone again next year :)
Things I learned:
1. never teach your kid to say "you hurt my feelings"
2. Buy toys they cant open at the end of the day
3. Bring a towel! & wipes & sunscreen!
4. Dont eat so much salt or you will retain so much water your face with plump out and your pictures will look like crap on day 2-3
5. Dont stand in a 45 min line for a Lamo ride :)
There was so much to do and see at legoland, we are going for 2 days next year! Yay!
A very successful 1st family vacation! :)

5 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Dutchess said...

How fun is that! Reminds me of my first (and only) attempt at bumper cars when I was nine! I could NOT move!

Bethanie and Josh Hestermann said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!!

Heather said...

I agree... that picture is retarded :) But we are dorks so it fits! And yes, that helicopter ride was lame, but, it was Easton'a absolute favorite thing of the entire vacation, so I am glad we waited for it. Oh the things we do as parents to give our kids great memories! I am so excited to know that we are going back next year. I want to do sea world again too. But it's better in the summer. The shows are longer and more spectacular.

amy loo said...

You guys look good! None of this crap talk.

Maybe I'll go with you next year!

Charli said...

looks like you had all lot of fun