Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some recent happenings

I thought I would do a quick posting of some things that we have been doing.. Since we are going on vacation next week and will have tons of pictures and things.

Heather and the kiddo's came over 2 saturdays ago to play! It was great! They boys play so good together and Riley loved having his friends over. Mady is getting so big! & Logan isnt a baby anymore! He can almost keep up with the big boys!
Here are 2 pics of them eating lunch :)

That night we went to dinner with heather and spencer! :) It was... fun! well the Heather and Spencer part was fun! :) & the Food was great! I love Texas Roadhouse!

Last night I was doing Homework and I forgot that Riley was asleep on the couch behind me.. About 3:30am I was settling down and noticed he was sleeping like this!.. I wonder how long he was burried in the couch!

Since Riley is addicted to Thomas and Friends, He asks for a new train everyday! & sometimes I think he can read, because he knows all their names and most of them I have never seen on the 5 shows we have recorded. Since these trains are between $7 and $10 a piece we decided to have Riley do chores.

So he is in charge of feeding and watering the cat, and letting her in and out of the house when she has to go potty. He is doing very good! :) and when he lets her in, she meows.. and he runs up to me and says "mommy phose said thank you!" then he tells her "your welcome" its very cute :)

Toys are too expensive, and each little train is screwed, glued and tied into the cardboard box!! It's insane! like 8 year olds in china need to be wasting their time wrapping those little ties around everything!

2 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Charli said...

Too cute! Everyones going on vacation next week it seems. Not us Oh well.
Chores what fun looks like your not going to have a hard time at getting him to help out.
Have fun

Heather said...

I'm excited to see you post some cute stuff! Dinner was fun! We need to do it again. Soon. How about next week? :) You know, when we'll be in cali and most if not all meals we'll be eating together!