Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Married!! for 6 years!!

Michael and I celebrated our 6 year Anniversary! We did a family date day, It was great fun! We started off the day at the science center in phx! I couldnt believe how hot it was! & they had a D-bakcs game going on so.. we had to pay $12 to park, which is silly.. when we werent even going to the game.
There was so really cool things to do! There were about 100 kids to many! so next time we will go on a weekday.
Its a great place to spend 3 hours inside, and learning something every step of the way!. Mike enjoyed being smarter then me..

They had this really cool video about weather! where you stood on a platform, and when the video showed a storm, it actually got windy, and rained on you! and they had heat lamps to show the hot summers, and the ground shook for an earthquake.. it was really cool!

Then we went to dinner at Red Lobster! Usually when we go, its with a group of people, the place is always packed, and we get horible service and the food is cold when we get it..

This was totally the opposite! We had a whole section to ourself, and our waiter was awesome! he kept Riley happy with Cherries! Food was the best ever! :)

Then we went and loaded up on snacks! and went to the drive in! I forgot how much fun they are!! We had a blast, Riley talked threw the whole first movie, I fell asleep.. it was X-Men, and then Riley passed out during the second which was Fast and Furious! It was a good movie, could have been better though.. But I think the great part was the atmosphere! I want to go more often!

We spent the whole day out doing things we normally dont do, and we had a blast!!

3 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Bethanie and Josh Hestermann said...

Sounds like fun!! Happy anniversary! :)

amy said...

Looks like a really fun day!

Are you sure you've been married 6 years? I could have sworn you got married the year after me.

Charli said...

wow six years the time sure does fly by. Sometimes it great to spend these specials with a small crowd.