Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nothing to say

I have nothing interesting to say.. I have nothing good to report... Nothing bad either..

Just nothing..

How sad.. what a sad week...

Sick sIck sicK SiCk-o this week.. what a waste of a week :p

Mildly Depressed,, why so Sad :( I dunno... same reasons different day..

Exhausted.. so tired.. are my eyes open?? I cant even tell.. What the heck is my kid doing?? I have no idea.. where is my kid??.. Hmmm...

Holy Stresssss!!! This is almost what my hair looks like, should have got it cut yesterday.. Dang.. I hope I dont try to "cut it myself" which on crazy woman days I have been known to do... Stressss, School, finals, work, HUSBAND, Kid, OMG my house is a total disaster, Where are my work clothes, What? I have to go to work tomorrow? but i still feel like crap..

Confused.. what in the heck is wrong with me?? You'd think I was on some new experimental medication or something.. but no.. this is just a phase, it will pass.. maybe next week will be better, I suppose all of my confused stuff could be related to the stressed stuff, that could be caused by the sick stuff, in combination with the exhausted stuff...Hmmm... maybe they are all working together to make my life misrable.. What a bunch of Meanie's :P
Sorry for the Ramblings...
Have a nice day :)

2 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Charli said...

LOL I love Ya casey! You got so much on your plate! I couldn't handle going to school working plus taking care of a house and family, Some day 's I wish I was Wonder Woman.

amy said...

A big fat DITTO to that one.

I love you! I hope you're doing better by now.