Saturday, May 9, 2009

Strawberries and Ice cream

the other day, mike me & riley went to Cold Stone Creamery.. They have so many choices,, it takes me forever to choose.

I had fun putting ice cream on Rileys nose.. This picture is a little blurry, its it was funny.. He was so sticky when we left. but who cares :)

Mothers day is tomorrow, and since I try to get my sister in law something every year. But since I am flat broke this year I had to come up with something different,
She loves Loves LOVES chocolate covered strawberries.. well I am sure she would eat chocolate covered anything really... :P When we go to the fair, she goes to the booth that sells them several times!
This was my first time making them they are reallly really really good ! :) but I cant figure out how pro's make the white cholocate look so good on it. Mine look crazy... oh well maybe next year I will have them perfected! :) I hope she likes them.

I hope everyone has a Fantastic Mothers day! It's takes so much time and effort to be a mom, and yes it is the most rewarding expierence its still nice to be recognized.

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amy said...

Those look AWESOME!!! I wouldn't turn one of them away.

Charli said...


Maria said...

Cold Stone is AWESOME. Try cotton candy flavor with gummy bears-it's my favorite. Bryan and I both agree it's the best!