Monday, June 15, 2009

Mental health Day..

I had to take a Mental health day from work today.. @ least it came out of my sick time, and for the first time in a long time I didnt feel guilty at all about calling out.
It was 10 years Yesterday that my mom passed away of Ovarian and Cervical Cancer.. I cant believe its been 10 years.. and all the things that have happened in my life in 10 yaers.. and all the things I missed having her here for.

I got up earlier then normal (for me anyways) played with Riley, Tried out my new American Idol Wii game... which is pretty fun actually. got ready and headed to walmart. Spent way to much time there, but some days you just feel like walking around looking at things you cant afford :) then went to a movie with Emily. We saw
The ghosts of girlfriends past.. It was so cute :) and its nice to look at Matthew mcconaughey for 2 hours.. Then I stopped at Krispy Kreme for a nice family treat to end the day off well.

which.. brings me to my next odd thought of the week..
Ok, So Riley keeps getting my moms bible out of my drawer and I find it around the house, (which bugs me I need to hide it from him, since its important and I dont want him to ruin it) My mother was a spiritual person, but not religous until the end of her life. She taped a post it note to the front of the Bible and written on it the 7 Sins.. 1. Laziness 2. Glutony 3. Greed 4. Lust 5. Envy 6. Anger 7. Pride = #1
So, everytime I pick it up to put it back i see these and think about,, How many of the 7 deadly sins have I commited today.

Today.. I was to lazy to do the dishes #1, Ate 3 krispy keme donuts #2, Called out sick of work #3, Watched Matthew Mcconaughey #4, Wished I could have a baby like my sister in law #5, got upset with the handicap out of state driver in front of me doing 8 miles under the speed limit on a 4 miles stretch where you cant pass #6, and.. for a change.. I wasnt prideful today.. I didnt take pride in much,, but honestly whats wrong with pride.. Pride.. being the best you can be at something.
Like when I take pride in being a great dispatcher = me saving lives, taking pride in being a kind person = making the world a little happier place, taking pride in being a good mom = raising an awesome, kind, responsible, smart, independent, kid ( who will someday grow up to be a great man who will do something amazing with his life)..
So today, I have commited at least 6 deadly sins.. I dont think there is enough holy water in the world to fix that.
Maybe.. I'll ask god to sit down and come up with new ones. That relate more to the world today :) like.. sin #1 pretending to be someone else online (this includes facebook, myspace, chat rooms, and even lying about your body type on your profile) sin #2 Tivo'ing more then 8 hours of non educational, or informational television (only so many guilty little pleasures of watching fluff reality tv shall be allowed) sin #3 MURDER, shouldnt that be like.. #1 on the list.. on the SHALL NEVER DO list?? We can also add in this section, rape, torture, abuse mental, phsycal, animal, child, elder.. that kind of stuff..
sin #4 Stealing, shouldnt this be a sin too. taking something thats not yours, and you didnt earn or pay for.. Sin #5 Not saying "bless you" or "gaszoomtite" after someone sneezes, thats just rude especially if you know the person. sometimes when I am in a movie and someone sneezes.. I even say it in my head, hoping the mental kindness will reach the person that sneezed :) Sin #6 intentially being rude to people for no reason, waiters, waitress's, cab drivers, neighbors, cashiers.. it drives me nuts when people are mean to other people, or snotty for no reason. Its not their fault your having a bad day. Sin #7 DRUGS, that should be a sin too.. of course I dont want all people to stop doing them, because then I wouldnt have a job.. but it should still be on the sin list, or.. doing drugs while pregnant, or caring for children or other people. :)
well, I've had a long day of Sinning, so I suppose I'll finish it off with.. "laziness" watching reality TV, since its how I started the day,

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