Saturday, June 27, 2009


I went to my very first circus on Wed. It was different then I expected, but it was a great time!
we were in the lower level, but at the top of the lower level, so next time I want to get closer seats!

They had several elephants.. they were so cute! and so talented! I love this one, she had a little tattoo on her butt! :) she inspired me to get one.

These people were nuts! I dont know how they did an entire act upside down! the whole time, and they even lifted their legs (one at a time)

It got really quiet when this guy was walking across the tight rope, right before I snapped the picture Riley yelled really loud "What is he doing mommy"!! (in an attitude voice) everyone turned at looked at him it was funny.

The cotton candy was $10 a bag!! but it did come with a cheesy hat :) but still $10! and the slushy's were $9 and they were GROSS!, but I guess it should be expected since the opening night tickets were half off.

They did that trick where they shoot the girl out of the cannon.. sometimes its good to have a camera with a delay :) if you know how to time it.

The tiger's werent that great, they were hard to see.. but I got a good shot of this guy looking a bit like "lunch"

It was a good family time :) I'm glad we went, we are doing allot of new things this year! I love it!

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amy said...

How fun! I'd love to go to the circus.

Heather said...

How fun! I went when I was a kid, maybe next year I'll attempt it with my 4! A tatoo huh? It's your last one... where and what and when?

Heather said...
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