Tuesday, October 27, 2009

1 ER visit, 2 Pumkins and a little face paint!

Wow, its been awhile since I have blogged. But with the SWINE flu and sickness in the family there hasnt been much to say or much energy to say it :)

I had been having cramps for about a week or so, and of course my Dr called said I had a UTI, and they would call in antibiotics to walgreens, but I didnt pick them up for a few days, and the cramps got worse so on Sunday night I left work early and went to Mtn Vista Medical to make sure everything was ok, There was only 3 people in the waiting room, yet I was there for 4 hours! :P the Dr was SO MEAN!! and said my UTI was getting worse and if I would have waited another week I would have been in the hospital with a kidney infection!. So I am thankful that I did go :) The next day I went to get my meds the Dr called in to walgreens, and of course after waiting in the drive thru line for nearly 40 mins, they say they never recieved the call in :( but my wonderful husband surprised me, picked up the meds and drove them all the way to work for me! :) I am soo Thankful for him! He is awesome.

AFter taking my meds, and being over the sickness and being able to breath.. well out of one side of my face :)
I was able to get 4 straight hours of sleep! what a difference that makes! I felt great today! :)

so Riley and I had plans to carve pumpkins!!

Laci came over and brought another pumpkin...since I am a crazy driver, and the one I got broke open on the way to work one day.. I always forget to take things out of my car..

We had a good time, and our pumpkins turned out great!!

Riley attempted to scrape the pumpkin guts out,

but refused to grab it with his hands. and he gave up when it touched him and he felt the slimeyness! He is just like his dad! LOL,

After we did the pumkins I promised Riley he could paint my face :)

I thought it might be a good idea because he is afraid to get his painted anywhere we go. So it worked he painted mine and he let me paint his!

:) and then being the crazy laid back mom I am, i let him paint alll over himself :)

then we took a bath!! we needed one, dust, dirt, pumpkins guts, face paint!! :)
But we had a great time! then Mike came home and we ordered pizza, and watched our shows, I love days off! :) I makes me so thankful for my family! & the little things we get to share together.

On saturday Riley made dinner!! :) Yes he did, well 90% of the work, I just gave him direction :)

We had BBQ chicken in the oven, Aug Gratin Potatos, and corn.

I cut the chicken open and placed it in the pan. and of course put it in the oven, and turned on the stove and the ovenon, He did the rest!! It was so cute to see him stir the potatos with his left hand, and open the can of corn with the electric can opener with his right at the same time! He is going to be a good little cook one day! & he ate a piece and a half of chicken! it was really good, but I think he was so proud that he made it, he ate it all! :)

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