Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Freestone Park!

We went to freestone park, and met my uncle mark on saturday! I Love this place! But.. it was homecoming, and there were at least 100 people in dresses.. well ok they looked like sparkly underwear, not dresses! and there mothers were there taking hundreds of pictures! On the only bridge/pathway threw the park, so everyone had to wait to cross, for high school kids, those dresses were skimpy . short and tight! I will never let my daughter go out looking like that! Oh MY!

Iv come to the conclusion that I look like a retard when I try to take a picture of myself and someone else! LOL oh well :)
Here is my sister dani and her son Noah :)

Here is Paigey!! She left today for New York for a few months :( Im so sad and going to miss her, But I know that she has allot of things in her life to work out. and I Hope this time, she does better :)

Riley ran all the way down the giant hill, then up again on the other side. he would sit for a min and run all the way back! He did great. and he slept really good that night! Then we went to ride the train, and while we were waiting we fed the ducks popcorn! :)

Mike took care of Noah :) They had a good time :) and it gets michael back into the baby mode since we will be having another in 7 months or so.

My dorky little family on the train ride :)

it was a nice time, but crazy that it costs 3 bucks per person to ride! :)
Riley LOVED it of course! :) by the time we got off the train, it was so dark! They hardly have any lights after dark, which is nice,but hard to do anything when there are so many people still on the playground area, and at the tables. It was a good time! and basically for FREE! Free is great! :)
Since the weather is getting better everyday we need to go more often.

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