Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Festival & a cold...

We went to the Pumpkin Festival this week. and I have a horrible yucky mean cold! It makes my whole face scratchy, red, dry, and snotty. cant sleep, cant breath, cant eat.. lol ok.. I can still eat :) There isnt much that would stop me from doing that.

The weather is getting cooler, my husband's mood is getting better, and there are so many activities to do! no money to do them, so we have to live cheap and still figure out how to have a great time! :)

The Pumpkin Festival is great! So much fun, and there is so much to do!
Even though I had a horrible cold I still went, and spent the night sneezing, coughing, and exhausted, but had a good time watching the kids.

They have great lemonade and cotton candy.. I could only taste it if I walked around really fast for a min, then took a drink or bite :) but it was worth it!

When we were sitting on the hay bails taking pictures somehow the hay poked thru my pants and I ended up walking around for awhile with staw itching my butt!!

They have free kids rides! and the little roller coaster, Riley laughed the whole time, he is such a thrill seeker! He loves them! :) & it went a bit faster then I remember, but I had fun too!.

This bee ride.. every little bee went up, except mike and RIleys. mike said, he could feel the little bee trying so hard to lift them with no luck LOL it was so funny watching mike trying to get in and out of the bee :)

We also road the train.. of course! there are kids that dress up in scary costumes and jump out and scare you on the train, Mike taught riley to yell back at them, so it was like a game so he didnt get scared. :)
Before we road the train, the kids ran around, and the boys.. played on their phone :)

we watched the pig races.. kind of odd.. less entertaining then I thought it would be.

the kids.. including mike and chris, road the tricycles on the small race track.. riley couldnt reach the peddles so I had to push him around.. running as fast as I could while Riley steered, I thought, what the heck is the sick pregnant girl doing pushing a 3 year old around a race track! Duh!

we listened to the band for awhile, the girls danced around. a few mins before Riley went down a slide and it was like someone had greased it, he went flying several feet in the air and hit the ground. he cried so hard, and didnt even jump up afterwards like he usually does, he just laid there, so i ran to get him, he was so sad and didnt want to do anything the rest of the night.,
This picture was taken after my son got "butt hurt" lol :) Poor thing.. :(


Riley is in a Booster seat!!! :)
Its so cool!! he can get himself in and out! all I have to do it buckle him in :)
He loves it, and so do I, Its easy to take wherever we go, and I dont have to lift him everytime. :) I am so proud of him.. today I was being a grouch because I was sick and I had to go to work. so I snapped at him, He said.. "I'm worried about you mother" Awe, my sweet boy! He has been calling me mother, but it sounds like Mudder, and father, but fadder :) its so cute :)

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Charli said...

living cheap and still be able to have fun is harder then one thinks it is

Dutchess said...

love the cell phone picture! haha , so very real life like:-D

They are all so cute!

Amy said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Langen Family said...

It was so much fun, thanks for going with us. I need love all the pics, I need to post mine too. Then again I need to post a lot thay has happened. :)