Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friends and fun!

A few weeks ago my bestie Amy and her daughter Lily came to visit. It was amazing to see her, and eventhough we only see each other once every couple of years it was like we just got together the week before. Her daughter lily is simply adorable! and she is 4 years old, so Riley had someone to play with for a week.
Poor Lily I think Riley drove her NUTS! But she did good handling him, and he cried when she had to leave.

We went swimming at mikes moms house, it was so nice of her to let us swim and hang out for a bit. I dont swim much but even I went in the water and the kids did great!

Riley was a bit scared at first but I was very impressed. We got some great pictures of the kids.

we took the kids to the mall, and to a movie, Brady did great! slept thru most of it, and the kids paid attention to the movie most of the time.

Then we went to Amazing Jakes, It was the first time we had ever been there,

What a great place! we were there for nearly 6 hours and played and ate everything!

It was a great day. I think Michael would live there if he could. :)

I loved the go carts! It was so fun! and I kicked mike's butt! :)

they had mini-golf and bowling

It was a great visit! and It was so nice to feel like myself again, I hope they get to visit again soon.

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