Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jaime Oneal was wrong

There is a Sedona!!
I have been begging michael to take me to Sedona for about 8 years or so.. I got tired of waiting and just took him instead. We had our 7 year anniversary but since I'm out of work on maternity leave we have no money to really do anything. So we took a family day trip to sedona instead.

The drive wasnt to bad, and we had a couple little snaggs on the way, the freeway was closed so we had to find a way around that. We couldnt find it, nearly got lost and turned around a few times, but it was a fun adventure!

It was beautiful there, I see why they call it the painted desert.

We went to the slide rock park,

Mike had been there once when he was a kid, we took the car seat and that hooked into the stroller we barrowed from chris and emily. I couldnt believe it was so cold! the wind picked up and it got cloudy, we were dressed in summer wear, so I stopped at the mini store at the park and bought riley a sweatshirt.

We got to the end of the park to realize to get to the river and the slide rock you have to walk down about 100 steep steps! so mike carried the stroller in one hand, and brady in his car seat in the other., I took riley and we headed down.

It was a struggle to get down and back up, but it was worth it. Riley loved throwing rocks in the river and running across the bridge, It was beautiful. we had lunch and then came home..

Our first family adventure went great! Brady was awesome, and Riley was amazing!!

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Dutchess said...

Looks like a fun place to hang out!