Friday, July 22, 2011

So Behind!!!

My sister Paige came to visit end of June..  I Love her SOOOOO Much!!   she is the glue of our family.  She reminds us to call each other, and to tell each other how special they are. Dani my other sister is so close.. but yet so far away!  only an hour or so.. & I miss her.. I miss being with them more often. Sisters have a special bond like no other!.  

We had fun when she came.. We went to the Vine for wings,   then Rawhide and got some really cool pictures taken. I have lots of pics to post but will just post this one for now and will update later.

We got to see my aunt D , and cousins Hannah and Jay..  and my godmother Rose ,. It was perfect,. it felt like Home..  to be around family, smile laugh and completely feel free to be 100% yourself is an amazing feeling.   Its different around some of mikes family.. I just dont feel like I can totally be me.. but I think its like that in every family.  and thats ok :) 

then we went to Missouri to see my other family.   Hot Sticky Horrible weather, but it was great to see the people I love, My grandpa is .. sorry honey.. but the most important man in my life, and I was so thankful to see him again.   The whole family got to meet our little turtle, They Adored him!  We played, mike slept..  Next time we visit it will NOT be in the summer.. I know we livel in AZ but Dry heat is SOOO much better, and less exhausting.   This is just a quick posting.. So here are a few quick pics.  :)  

My dad and Turtle..  :) 

My hubby..  Nearly melted the whole vacation. poor thing

My Pa  :) the kids had such a great time with him!

LOOK! Riley playing.. and happy!!  I dont see that allot lately

Turtle drives a Limo
My beautiful  step mom and my brother brandon :)
ok.. yeah thats a Few! We were there for 11 days, so I have hundreds! :)
I feel like these last few months have just flown by!  Riley starts school in a couple of weeks.. Im a bit nervous of how he will do,  but I know when he gets used to it, he will love it.

I'm still not on a schedule.. I feel like I am the Laziest person on the face of the earth! 

I've been.. taking pictures..   studying pictures. I have a boudiour photoshoot coming up in a couple of weeks! I am so excited and think I will do a great job! 

Mike and I are getting Re-Married in May 2013.. So I have been planning that..  (the main reason I havent posted in awhile) So much went wrong with our first wedding, and we have been thru so much, grown up, and changed.. and thru everything we are stronger, and in love.. not only with the good stuff about each other.. but all the flaws too and I am excited to do it again and share it with out kids :)   I know some people think im nuts.. But we are in the part of our life.. when people dont get together anymore..  and honesly people need a reason to visit, and take time out of their life to enjoy  themselves..So mike and I thought this would be a good reason to get everyone together.  :)

3 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Snichols said...

Love the pictures! I've always wanted to renew my vows... but not sure cause my husband wants a REDNECK wedding, next time.. LOL

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great pictures! It looks like you've been busy. My husband and I want to renew our vows!

Anonymous said...

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