Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8-10 mins a day

8-10 mins a day.. we try and play outside..

Yep. thats it.. thats all we can stand in this 115 degree heat

I Am Going CRAZY!!! thank goodness for my photography or I would have jumped off the roof or something.. maybe not, its HOT up there too... Maybe instead I would lock myself in ourdeep freeze! then someone could thaw me out when my children arent crazy and it cools down enough to be able to take them to the park :)

Here is my submission for "ordinary moments" this was in our 8-10 mins of outdoor time :) and you can see he was getting a bit hot and ready for a nap.

I usually post all my photo challenges at :) so you can head HERE  to check it out and follow me if you would like :)

I love the colors in his picture.. :)  


Going out of town tomorrow.. Im bursting i cant stand it I am so excited!  and I am so happy my hubby is excited too!!  :)  woohoo
see you in a few days!  :) 

Oh Yeah!! I totally forgot!  I am selling   Scentsy again!!  I had to stop because I had turtle,  but I started again because I LOVE IT!  and I missed my scents, and really need some newo ones for the fall :) 
so if you need anything or know anyone who does.

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Munir said...

I like your blog a lot. I need to know more about babies and kids as my grandkids range from six years to two months. I am sure you are an awesome Mom.