Tuesday, August 16, 2011

LiTtLe BiG tOwN

about 6 months ago, my hubby and I were driving by Queen Creek high School. On their sign out front, it said Little Big Town in concert soon! We Love them :) So we jumped online and got tickets for $30 each.. 2nd Row center! It was awesome, and they performed in a high school auditorium. I was 6 steps from the stage.

The first group was called FireFly, and they are 3 sisters, they were really good! I got their CD.

We got a babysitter for the first time! well a real babysitter. Miranda came to the house, so we got to take Mike's truck, it felt like a real date! not having to worry about dropping the kids off anywhere, and having to be back to get them. It was awesome, and the boys had a great time too! They just adored Miranda!

I am so glad we got the tickets, since I am not working money is SUPER tight.. I hate it.. Im not used to Not being able to go to the store and get what I want. Having the sales determine what we will be eating for the next week... But I am learning.. and hopefully it will get cooler soon so Mike can pick up extra shifts.. :)

Thats all we have been up too! and its the 2nd week of school and Riley already has a Cold! Crud!... missing 2 days this week. bummer..

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Melanie said...

ahhh... What a sweet date night! I LOVE little Big Town also!!

Btw, your new header shot is perfect, you two love birds are ADORABLE together!