Tuesday, August 30, 2011

what!??.. Pneumonia?

3 weeks into kindergarden
week 2.. Riley get a slight fever and cold.. it goes away by the end of the week. but yet. beginning of week 3 he began to cough and cough non stop for days.. I think as a mom you can tell when something isnt right.

I was trying to convince him to going to the dr. he seemed fine except the coughing all the time, and he had a slight fever..
On sunday night I went thru his backpack which I forgot to do on friday after he got home. I found a notice in his folder stating.. there had been reports of strep throat and scarlet fever in his classroom..

so No more nice mommy, we headed to the after hours children urgent care just in case. My son hasnt been to the dr's since he was 1 year old! I know I know.. I should have taken him, but life gets busy and we have healthy kids (thank god).. while he was sitting on the white paper covered bench .. and the dr put the little scope up to his lung and told him to breath deep.. I begun to cry.

Looking at my son, watching him grow up before my eyes, knowing that someday,. he wont need me to go to the dr with him anymore.

I know he is only 5 and we have along way to go, but it still got to me, and knowing that this was the first time.. I couldnt make him better.

I couldnt hug him tight and mentally send my "good vibes and energy" to him to make him heal.. he actually needed medicine

light case of pneumonia, and slight ear infections in both ears..
and gummy crabby patties..
will make him better.

yet I am still sending him my good healthy mommy vibes, and I am sure its helping him heal faster :)

Today.. He was still coughing up a storm..

but, he was back to his crazy 'ole riley drew

The Sunny Side Up!
Riley took his first "test" testing his skills to see what he knows, he scored at the top of everything.. of course he is smart, he is His Fathers Son!
Going to greer on wed! I'm so excited, and finally got michael to get excited too, he hates camping, but we will be in a cabin. so.. does that really count?.. im so happy! To get out of the heat and spend some family time together :)
My school started, I'm ahead of the game already, and Im so excited to learn more about photoshop, I really think it will help take my photography to a new level!

These days!..

keeping the vaccuum plugged IN!.. whats the point of putting it away if I use it twice a day.
I catch myself watching lame shows like the news, or people court.. because the fall shows havent started yet.. I need to turn the tv off for awhile. its a horrible addiction.
I get bummed out when I have to "get dressed" lol, the only think I have found that I love about this new SAHM thing.. is the dress code! But I know it will be awesome once it gets cooler, just have to make it thru this 113 degree weather!

have a great week!

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Melanie said...

First of all... OMGosh, that adorable tie, AND that ADORABLE face! He is going to drive the girlies nuts!!! I am so glad Riley is getting back to his wonderful cute self! Hope your fam has an awesome time camping, hope to see lots of pics soon!

Super excited to follow you back girl!

The Wishful Lamb said...

Aww he is sooo adorable,love it!

Crissybug said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of school sickness. You will find Riley getting sick alot this year because he is exposed to alot more germs. So glad he is on the mend. Such a cutie.

lipika gupta said...

it was really stupefying..and im sure the one who wrote it must be daunting too..!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

He is so cute! I hope he's feeling better!