Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh for the Love!

Heartburn...  its a horrible thing..  Hubby has acid reflux and takes a daily pill. I am NOT a good pill taker. I dont even take the vitamins I am suppose to take everyday. 
Since I had that HUGE kidney stone, I am so cautious lately on my calcuim intake!
But These.. are needed sometimes!..

I think the problem..  might come from these...
My weakness this pregnancy! Its horrible and after I have Colby I am sure I wont be able to eat them for years!

7 1/2 weeks left!  Im excited!  cant wait to hold my beautiful new baby, and start getting back to life.
I need to figure out how to do my own maternity pictures!  That might be pretty tough at this stage.  I am still doing photo shoots once in awhile, I need the money like crazy!! I never thought I would be back to this position in life.. So broke,. Its a horrible place to be.  But it was my choice to be at home with my kids, and of course, being in the hospital so much in such a short time isnt something anyone expects.
I finally got to go swimming yesterday!!  It was awesome, its amazing how many things you miss that you wouldnt normally give a second thought to. taking a bath, and swimming were two of the biggies.  The boys had an awesome time.  As scared as Riley is.. he is doing really well trying to learn to swim.  Even mike went into the pool.. I basically had to drag him, but he had a great time.

We got bunkbeds for the boys months ago!  But Mike put them together a few nights ago, All by himself!! I am so proud of him! He did an awesome job, and I know that he is proud of himself too!  Now if I can only get Turtle to "sleep" in his bed.. that will be a miracle.

I've been trying to do more things, but my energy is starting to dimenish again since I am in my 3rd trimester.. How fair is that really?.. I was so sick from weeks 8-28 1/2 which is the "good" part of pregnancy!  Now when I am nearly all fixed.. the hole in my back is closing up nicely.. I am 30 weeks, getting to big to move quickly or around allot. Unable to get comfy in bed,  hard to bend over or see my feet. and I am soooo tired it takes all my energy to get out of bed.
This has been a completly unfair, horrible pregnancy!  Once day I deserve to have a great, normal pregnancy!
I have been cooking a bit, which I love.. choco chip pancakes, big breakfasts, desserts, trying new things.. but its so hot outside, I cant imagine going to the store most days.. and I am always missing at least one thing I need to cook lately. 
Cleaning, organizing, playing with the boys.  Hanging with the hubby. thats about it.

Lets talk about Kids!: ..
2 year olds... Hmmm..  Riley didnt have a terrible 2...  well his little brother surely does! I am just so thankful he is able to communicate so well, so I can talk to him and use logic at such a young age.  He throws things on the floor, sometimes he will pick them up when I ask, and sometimes he has a meltdown and refuses.  Throwing crazy fits for no reason, telling "me" no.. which doesnt go over well.   But he sure is adorable..  Here are a few pics from us just playing around the other day.
He takes direction so well, I should have put him in commercials when he was a baby.

Its crazy how children..  can drive you to the Point of Insanity!!... where locking them in the closet doesnt sound that far out of the relm of reality..   But at the same time.. or just a few moments later, they can bring you more Joy then you ever thought possible.   When I was younger, Before I had kids.. I thought I only wanted 1.. No MORE. how could anyone have more then 2 and actually truely know their children.  Now.. I know..  there are some people that are irriated that we are having a 3rd child, and one person who keeps telling me mike needs to get "fixed" after this baby is born, as if having more then 3 children is Crazy!.. well that kinda makes me mad, shouldnt that be our choice?. Although I am NOT thinking about another baby for years and years. I dont want to take that possibility away.  I know I most likely will never have a daughter :(  and that truely breaks my heart every single time I think about it.. but these boys I am raising.. They are amazing, each in their own way.  As you get older, you realize the things that are important to you.. and whats important to me.. is to have the family I didnt have as a child, I want my kids to grow up differently, to have a different childhood.  and I love the fact.. that they will have each other to lean on, whatever happens in their life.
For the next two years... I get to focus on myself.. What I want and who I want to be,  I cant wait to figure that out! :)  everytime I think I have it figured out.. something drastic changes,  but I think that always happens in life. to everyone.. except those lucky people.. I am lucky.. in my own way.. some days more then others.  But I surely am Blessed to be able to have 3 children.. when 7 years ago..  I didnt think it was ever possible for me to have any!.

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