Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Love My Hubby Because...

I love my hubby because.........

He does my laundry & never complains if my shirts are inside out..

He is nuts and still thinks I am beautiful when I wake up

He wishes me a great day.. everyday via text :)

He reads me my horoscopes everyday.. To see if I am a Sagittarius or a Scorpio.. since I am on a cusp..


He is a very patient dad, and loves Riley with all his heart.

He is very kind

He always wants me around! all the time ( I have no idea why we argue allot) but he still wants me around.. weird

He will watch my chick-flicks with me

He lets me decorate the house anyway I want!

He sits back and supports me in anything I want to do.... he just lets me blossom

He always says he likes me food... always :)

He says thanks you.. and I appreciate you../ when I do little things like... clean the toilet,do the dishes or re-arrange the mess in the living room so it looks a little cleaner :)

He smells soooo good! all the time

& I need to take more pictures of him, not making that crazy dorky face that men do!

4 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Dutchess said...

So precious! I love that pic on the park bench!

Charli said...

That is awsome! if you guys never fight then I would worry, :) You have such a wonderful family...
And by the way I like the 1 and 3 book too, the last one was ok not bad . I think she drag it on and then made this big deal about this huge figth that never came,
The second book is ok too but the whole break up the way Bella feels when he Leave reminds me alot of how I felt a few years ago.. so it not one I like to re-read but I have read the books oh like 8 times I think, Andy has my booksi n Vegas and it driving me nuts...

the delapers said...

Oh,How sweet!

Amy said...

Rock on Mike!