Thursday, September 4, 2008

Potty Troubles

I am having trouble potty training :( We sing the potty song.. We dance the Potty dance! :) We reward him for going in the big boy potty..

He knows when he has to go, he can stop in the middle (of peeing)

We have the Potty-Train :)

we have big boy underwear and pull ups, but yet he still refuses to go in the big boy potty. He will go, if I am in the bathroom curling my hair... and he thinks its interesting enough.. even if I ask him every 5 mins if he has to go... she says "no Q" (which means no thank you) and runs away yelling.....

He is nearly 2 1/2 & I have no idea what to do..

Any idea's?

I am tired of buying diapers :(

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Spencer and Heather said...

Potty training is TOUGH.And no two kids are alike... Jayden literally had to be naked or in just underwear, so he could FEEL it when he had an accident. And it took a few months to get him fully PT. Easton only needed to be bribed with a truck and he was done in a day. Try everything you have heard and read, until something works. And if that means naked with plastic sheets, then Mike's just gonna have to deal with it. :)

Amy said...

Yeah, the naked thing worked for Lily. Just be prepared to clean up pee and be okay with that.

Casey said...

i know :( I am ok with that.. but.. mike isnt.. grr

the delapers said...

Maybe instead of naked, you could put on a pair of training pants and a plastic cover. Then, both of you will know when he is wet, but the floor wont get wet! You can get a feel for how often he is peeing, then start trying to take him before he is wet. When I trained Timothy, he was peeing at least every hour, often more like every half hour! Sitting on the big potty scared him, so I got a potty chair. For Josiah, I'm going to try the baby bjorn chair. Its a one piece little dealy (easier to clean!) and they straddle it.

I think being very consistant is important. It is hard for it to be ok to pee in his pants all day at day care, and then be supposed to pee in the potty when he comes home. If you have a long weekend at home with him, try the underwear thing then, maybe?

Anyway, every one is different, and he will learn, sooner or later, so don't get discouraged!!

Charli said...

They say when they are ready they will do it on their own, IDK I had a hard time with both of mine. Dessa was trainig herself then she went backwards for a while. Seb was almost four when he was completley trained
PS :I heard the musical potty seat are a bad idea for boys