Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh, the things children like :)

Here are a few cute moments recently.......

Riley loves to clean :) Silly boy mops more then I do!! But at least he loves to do it... for now

He just figured out he could clean my shower too! :)

Some of Riley's favorite toys are .... Daddy's hat.. and mommy's high heels!! Its so cute. Even thru danger he will do whatever it takes to get to these .. Toys..

Boxes, Boxes and tupperware! :) Mike's grandmother sent a huge box of tupperware
for us, which was great! :) We loved it and needed it. Riley had a blast for over an hour!

Ok, this one was funny! :) Riley was going thru my closet and found my tank top! The same one i put on him when he was like.. 9 months!! So I put it on him and he ran around the house! Then he started playing "hide and seek".. so I got this great picture of my SON coming OUT of the closet in what appears to be a pink dress!! Mike thought it was funny :)

Here are the previous pics :) in this same shirt :)

2 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Amy said...

I love that you're perfectly okay with him cross-dressing. I'd probably do the same if I were you!

Casey said...

Awe, he is only 2.. but if he were.. 8 years old.. we would have a talk :) Why not let them be babies a little longer :) No Harm done