Thursday, September 25, 2008

Prop 102

Here is an article written by a Bishop in Arizona

We are all for marriage - right?
by Bishop Kirk S. Smith
One more comment about election issues, then I am done. Last week I wrote about Prop 200, and its attempt to impose crushing debt loads on the poor.
This week I would like to say something about Prop 102, which is bound to get me more e-mails because it is about that favorite media topic, sex.

This proposition, the so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment" left me scratching my head. Doesn't Arizona law already define marriage as a union between a man and woman, and didn't voters already reject a similar initiative in the last election? Why are we going through this again?

I urge you to read the arguments on both sides, and you can find them at: I did, and afterwards I was even more convinced that Prop 102 has nothing to do with upholding marriage and the family -- after all, everyone supports that. Rather it is a much more insidious attempt to exclude gay and lesbian partnerships from full protection under the law. Those who feel that homosexual unions are somehow a "threat" to the American family (Dad, Mom, 2.2 kids) seem determined to make sure that people who are in such unions will know that they are not welcomed in this state, even if their union is recognized elsewhere, hence the constitutional change. I suspect that as more states allow gay/lesbian marriage, the greater will be the perceived threat.

I do wish the supporters of Prop 102 would be honest about their goal instead of bombarding us with misleading ads showing happy family outings and children romping on the playground, implying that such things are somehow endangered by two people of the same sex being in love and wanting to spend their life together.

No matter what you might think about the acceptability of gay/lesbian unions, the way this issue is being presented is really a matter of equal protection under the law, and more important for some of us Christians, whether we are going to "respect the dignity of every human being," as we say in our baptismal vows.

I know that some of the faithful will disagree. The Roman Catholic leadership has come out in favor of the initiative. However, it surprises and disappoints me that after the courageous campaigning for the human rights of undocumented immigrants, that the Catholic leadership would turn their backs on oppressed people on their own doorstep.

Marriage is a complex topic. As the quote below shows, the concept of marriage has changed radically over the course of history. How we regard marriage has deep political, cultural, and religious foundations. I hope that we might look beyond our familiar assumptions and prejudices and do what is right for all God's people, even those who are different from us.

So, I am going join with the League of Women Voters, the mayors of both Phoenix and Tucson, and civil rights groups, and AGAIN say no to this effort to define the family and decide who is welcome in our state and who is not. In my church, all are welcome.

VOTE NO on Prop 102,
This is crazy! People are crazy!!
Here are som pics of people we all know and love.

Why should "WE" be able to tell these people they can't get married, and why is it "OUR" business?? Does god not love everyone... itsnt that in the song we all learned in Sunday school when we were 3 years old. Why does this change when we get older...? This world needs more love! Needs more HAPPY people! What does people being gay have to do with other peoples lives and why are they so Threatened by it?? I Dont get it. Why can't we stay out of other people's Lives, Not Judge and just be happy! These elections are soooo important for our family! :) But this PROP means NOTHING! Please take a few mins to read about the props and the candidates for the election. Screw the party you belong to and vote for people and things that make sense, Things that will help your family get ahead in the world. and leave this a better place for out children. :)

One thing we can pass on to our Children is.. Be KIND To each other NO MATTER our differences and accept People for who they are. Don't Hate in 08

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the delapers said...

I don't hate people because of who they choose to have sex with. But, here is a direct quote, from an article on msnbc about AIDS in the U.S.(a non-Chrisitian source) "Of all the people infected with HIV, 48 percent were men who have sex with men, the CDC said."

Casey said...

This I cannot disagree, but I can add to it.. normal sexual relations can cause over 180 different types and kinds of sexually transmitted disease's. Like.. HPV virus, which 80% of woman have and most dont even know. This is what killed my mother. It was given to her by her 3rd husband. Who only slept with woman. I dont think that people in committed relationships should be punished. I dont want to think about them having.. ewe.. sex.. but I love that they found someone in this world to LOVE, & they should have the same rights as others. I have worked with and known many gay people, they are normal people.. guys have a bit more fashion sense of course.. But all in all,. they are just people trying to live the best life they can.. :)

Crissybug said...

Wow Casey, this is quite the post! I have to say that I respectfully disagree.

I know alot of gay/lesbian people. I have nothing against them...I feel that each person should be able to live their lives the way that they choose. (Heck, I absolutely love Clay Aiken) But if this is turned effects everyone.

The thing I am worried about is if this proposition doesn't get passed then it will effect our children greatly. If we vote it down, and legalize gay marriages in this state then the public school system is required to teach our children about it.

I know that I will have to talk to my kids about it, and let them know that we believe that it is not appropriate....but I don't think it need to be discussed until they are at an age where they can fully understand. And I want to tell them...not some school teacher.

I came across this should watch it.

I just think it is important to sustain family values. Marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Casey said...

Crystal, this prop doesnt legalize gay marriage, That will never happen her in arizona.. But it does deny benefits for gay couples though employers. Comitted partnerships.. These people wont be able to get health care coverage. Companies that are based out of arizona can then deny people this coverage if the law passes. I believe in marriage one man one woman also.. But it goes allot further then that.. But they dont tell you that to get you to vote in favor of it. Simple re-wording of the Arizona constitution will cost lots of people money and they wont be able to get the support and benefits they need from employers. It wont be taught in schools... things will just.. stay the same. Our children will learn the same thing we did about in schools. The only thing this bill does... Is hurt people! & Discriminate against them.. which.. is something we were all taught as children.. But thank you for your reply.. Most people dont reply to things people disagree on.. But I enjoy hearing what others think :)

Crissybug said...

If Prop 102 passes it won't do anything to gay/lesbian partners and their benifits. The only thing that this prop is doing is amending the state constitution to read


By passing this prop, it will make is more sure that gay marriage is not allowed in our state. Gay people can still be in committed partnerships. They can still recieve benefits through their insurance. They just won't be able to be married. This prop is all about defining what marriage is. Not about denying gay/lesbian couple benifits.