Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Little Fun gadgets!

Ok, Have you clicked to ADD GADGET lately? There are thousands of cool things! & I mean thousands! :) I added a few that I will check everyday because.. well.. I am a nerd.. Like the fortune Cookie :) and the Inspiration of the day! I also Love to know "what national day" it is.. Like today is be Bald and Love it day. or something to that effect. of course I am not going to go shave my head... But I hope bald men (and women) all over the world are happy about their lack of hair today! :)

There are games, lots and lots of games, quotes, pictures of the day.. there is even and ebay search and a walmart search.. so. If you find something you like, or I guess someone's blog makes you remember what you were suppose to be looking for and is the whole reason you are online right now but got distracted!! (which happens to me all the time!) You can just find it there :) yay.

This pic has nothing to do with anything, but if you put your name in the yahoo. image search you find a whole lot of weird things!
Here are a few more :)

Ok, that was fun! Your turn, Search Google or Yahoo images. within the first 3 pages grab 3-5 weird, tasteful pictures that come up when you put your first name in the search area!! :) Come-on,, do it.. what else do you have to do for the next 15 mins! :P

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Amy said...

You should totally put the "Camp Casey" thing as your header. That's fun.