Friday, October 24, 2008

What a Long week!

The Fair!! Riley had a blast with Thomas!! :)

OM-GOSH! What a long week ! & It's only been a few days.. We went to the Fair, Had "Thanksgiving" Went to a birthday dinner for Adam got sick & Tomorrow is Heather's Baby shower & then work.

We Went to TExas Roadhouse for dinner, I love that place!
There Rolls are AWESOME! & They have great salads too!
This is Adam riding the bull thing, and the girls eating his birthday ice cream.

The Fair was so much fun! More then I expected.. Riley had a great time, riding rides ,

playing games..

eating cotton candy and frozen chocolate covered bananas

.They had the best petting ZOO! Zebra's, Camels, Pigs, and even a giraffe.. Here are some picture,. You could even feed them for $1.00

Adam and his new girlfriend Lacy went. I Love her she is great! :) Here is us girls having fun..

Emily went on the scary rides with me! This one was sooo scary! I loved it., I acually thought I was going to die at one point 1/2 way down :)

We did a traditional Thanksgiving dinner why Adam is home from Iraq! Riley and I got sick after dinner and had to go lay down :( So I didnt get to visit and hang out as much as I wanted to.

It was fun We had all the food! & More.. Everyone came over and I hope they had a good time.

4 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Dutchess said...

What a fun family dinner! Sucks that you were sick!

Did he win that frog for Lacy? I am a sucker for giant stuffed animals....:-P

Casey said...

Yes he did, He won her lots of stuff! :) They had these giant bananas there too! They were bigger then emily I dont know how people were carrying them around! :)

the delapers said...

Wow, your fair is so much later than ours...Scary rides are great, aren't they!

It looks like you had a great fun time. I'm sorry you were sick, hope you're feeling better now!

Amy said... why did you have Thanksgiving?