Friday, October 3, 2008

National stay @ home week!

I know I know TV is horrible for you! People watch wazy to much tv! but..

I LOVE IT! It makes me happy! & smile and laugh, and have something to look forward to everyday :)

Here are some of my Favorite shows and I am so excited they are back!

Ugly Betty! She is fantastic, Smart, funny.. & so cute. even in the Betty outfits!
Just an all around good show.

Desperate Housewives! My little sinful pleasure.. although mike likes it too! :) We love eatching what kinds of trouble everyone gets into and we are happy we dont live on that street! Altough. Mike Thinks I am just like Susan.. and his mom.... is Bree! Minus the red hair :)
Chuck! Its a funny twist on a serious bad guy- good guy, spy show! I Love CHUCK! I just want to hug him everytime I see him :)

Pushing Daisies! What a weird show! Its about a guy (cute guy) who brings people and things back to life with just one touch! :) & He owns a pie shop called Pie Hole.. Its super funny

Grey's Anatomy! This is my addiction.. My drug of choice... :) I love all of the characters, I love their stories and I love the little messages at the beginning and ending of every show.. They make me think and ponder things.

All of the CSI's Except New York, because the main guy freaks me out... & I am not suppose to watch these shows. I am doing forensic work now on my days off I get called to crime scene's.. & I know 90% of that stuff is fake.. But wouldnt it be cool! & make my job easier if we had all those cool things to solve crimes :)

Criminal Minds! Which I am totally Garcia! She rocks at the computer information. I strive to be like her everyday at work. She can find information on anything and anyone. Thanks to the internet and myspace :) We find out allot of information on local scum-bags in AJ. :)

..Are you thinking about now... Geeze this chick watches allot of TV! Is she done yet!? Nope not even close....
Prison Break! OK, This show should have been over the first season! But its great, they have broken out of prison.. twice.. But I find that I could watch the two main characters do anything for hours..

Oprah-Rachael Ray-Dr. Phil... I am not sure these need a reason.. Oh & the Dr's! which is great I am learning so much when I curl my hair before work. :)

Private Practice..... Spin off from Grey's still getting into this show.. its a filler when I dont have anything else to watch.

Privileged! So cute... :) The girl from Reba stars in it.. There are characters named Lily, and Sage so it reminds me of Amy & Lily when I watch it. Its a fun girly show :)

The Biggest Loser! I love this show. & I try to at least pretend to workout while I watch it :) It makes me feel...accomplished.. in some weird way.. & I hope its another year where the girls can kick butt! Gillian.. ummm.. she scares me a little.. but I like it :)

The Amazing Race 13! We just started watching last season.. But I would LOVE to do this.. Mike and I have already decided there is no way in the world he could ever do it, not even if his live depended on it! He would just lay down and Quit!. There is No drive in the man
New shows.. The Ex List...The Mentalist...Fringe (which Joshua Jackson is in & Its a great weird.. creepy show) .. Kath & Kim..
The good thing about watching ALLL this tv.. is.. I am always doing something while I am watching, dishes, homework, scentsy stuff, scrapbooking, blocks with Riley ect. :) So I am not completely wasting my time.


2 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Dutchess said...

Chuck is great! Tivo would be pretty great too, but generally I watch shows a year behind on dvd, or or on, which is a pretty amazing place because it has the entire database of Arrested Development...:-D :-D

Spencer and Heather said...

chuck is great!! i am so happy all my shows are back!