Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's nearly here! Christmas!

So.. We did our Christmas Tree today..
I went Christmas shopping on Black Friday because its a tradition now !
Emily and I fought the crowds at Walmart @ 3:30 in the morning!! It was great! Riley tagged along and he was such a trooper! About 15 ins before the registers opened Riley said "Mommy's House, Lets go" but he did great! & I saved almost $100! Price matching is fantastic :)
I have a picture from that morning of Riley smiling @ 3am.. getting into the car.. but I am in it to.. and its not pretty! :P

While I was shopping They have tons and tons of Christmas trees for great prices, but I kept thinking.. Naw.. I have my little charlie brown tree.. I'll wait till after christmas and get one 1/2 off.. well.. as soon as I got home and went back to sleep I remembered I threw that stupid thing away!! Crap! So I had to go get one today. Target had them on sale but I still spent allot of money! But I think it was worth it, Its so nice and it has little pinecones and berries on it :)

I still have allot more decorating to do! The dollar store is great! and hopefully I can make our first Christmas at our new house perfect! :)

3 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Dutchess said...

LOL, you mean you weren't dolled up at 3:30 in the morning??? :-P Sounds like fun, and definitely smart to go buddy shopping so you have someone to talk to in line.......I thought they were bad Yesterday!

Amy Loo said...

You seriously took Riley?! You're brave!!...and a little nuts.

Your tree is pretty.

Whenever I see the trees all set up Target, it reminds me of our all-nighter so many years ago. We made the prettiest tree!

Charli said...

your tree looks nice!