Sunday, September 26, 2010

sat morning + 105 heat + zoo = BAD IDEA

Mikes friends came into town for a wedding, and we havent seen them in years! They invited us to the zoo on Sat morning, I LOVE the zoo, and mike doesnt like it much so I thought this might be my only chance to go this year! Eventhough I worked till 2am, came home and Turtle was WIDE awake! I got honestly about 3 hours total of sleep broken up, We headed out and when we got there.. I already wanted to turn around because I was so tired! and they directed us to park in OVER Flow parking..
:( which means really Long walk. we got the stoller out and realized that it was sunny (DUH) and the shade didnt cover the baby and we didnt bring sunscreem. so I had to keep tucking his toes in, and put a blanket over him.
This little bird was right on the other side of the fense, and NOT about to leave her babies alone :) It was so cute..

we walked around the whole zoo, hardly any animals were out, Riley kept saying he was hot and wanted to go home. about noon I realized I hadnt eaten a single thing since 5pm the day before, and I felt light headed and dizzy. Mike noticed my face was getting red and burnt, and Riley could barley walk anymore it was horrible heat!
We had to leave by 130pm, because I had to go back to work at 3pm.. what a long day! we got a few pictures, but no one was in the mood for pics.. except my happy Turtle.. :) who is always up for anything.

On the way back to the car, I actually felt naseua, like they do on the biggest loser when they start throwing up during a workout. :)

I dont know how My hubby works in the heat all day long at the airport, I am so proud of him! :) He did a great job taking care of us, and when Riley nearly fell over walking back to the car, he carried him, and pushed the stroller,

we will go for zoo lights this year, and maybe when its cooler, we can actually go and Enjoy the zoo!! :) but it was an adeventure. and adventure is good.
pic of my and brady, the only one.. I look hot & tired. but brady was happy.

This is my "this was s dumb idea, Im overheated thank god we are leaving now" Look

Our attempt a a family photo..

Brady's little red face too.. I have such good boys! :)

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