Sunday, September 12, 2010

Domestic Goddess... in training 2

I got a sewing machine...
& my cousin tiffany helped me learn how to sew! :) basic anyways..

I have been wanting to make a blanket for YEARS!!! so I did :)

I got material at walmart with little peace frogs on it, added some ribbons around the side for Brady to eat/suck on.. because.. thats what babies do.

It came out good!! :) well.. ok, so my first one I didnt measure.. or pin.. just stuck the material at the bottom of the little sewing footie, and went.. :) I was so excited! It worked!
Then I took some left over material I had, cut it a bit, and put some velcro on it.. Walla!!.. (is that a word)

A Cape for my little Superhero! :)

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and got some very cute material and cant wait to have time to make something else!

Today mike and I had the day off.. the whole day was a bit of a waste.. sleeping not feeling good, being sad.. mike had a Great Idea!! we went to the park..
took a nice walk,

its not to far, we had a good time, and it was Brady's first real ride in the stroller, without having his little carseat.
He Loved it! looking around everywhere!

Riley played.... I chased him around and took pictures..

it saved the crappy day off before a very long week... I wont see my husband forover 2 days now, besides when one of us are sleeping, its sad :(

My beautiful Baby Boy is 5 months!! Times flies!

Last Wed RIley tested for his Tips!! Which is a stripe on the bottom of his belt for learning and passing his first Karate test. He worked hard and learned his Kata! :) I was so proud of him! Harlee, and Gracee came to watch him, Riley was so excited to see them! :)

I know, not a great picture... lol i was walking when I took it, but I love the look on his face :)

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