Sunday, September 26, 2010

A visit with my sister! :)

I miss my sisters.. all of them.. I hate that they all live so very far away! I did get to go see Dani this past week,, A bit of a driver but not bad, and I need to do it more often! I got to see my nephews! They are Adorable!!!

Brady had fun with Hayden, I thought it was so cute when they tried to hold hands.

then.. Brady tried to eat haydens arms... :)

Noah Loved the camera, and is such a Ham! :) he is total BOY! running, yelling, pushing, kicking, hitting OH MY! but he is only 1.5 years old and has so much energy. so Im sure he will grow out of this stage.

hayden is doing good, sitting up by himself, and knows just what he wants! and his cheeks are squishy and kissable! and those are big and beautiful!

wish I could have stayed longer,
& got sonic for lunch.. and the 20 year old kid who gave my the food, also included his phone number! LOL, eventhough I had 2 kids in the car! I think he was look'n for a Sugar Mamma! so he could quit his min wage job! :) lol
Brady in a festive Hat.. he looks cute.

then we made homemade Pizza later for Dinner.. I was surpirsed how Easy it was, and it was great!! really good!! :)

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