Sunday, September 26, 2010

109 degrees.. park pics?

Emily and I have been planning to take some pics at the park of the families for months!! but we have been putting it off and its been so hot! but finally the weather started to cool down, and we had a couple of Beautiful days! so we planned Sunday to go,.. then the heat went back up! :( but we still went, took the kids and the hubbys out for a bit of torture! :) and we went to early so the sun was BAD for pics, but we did our best and got some good stuff. Here are a few.
me and my hubby.. this pic turned out kinda funky because of the light! I would Love some usable ones of us, so we can put a few on the wall.. maybe next time.

I love that Turtle doesnt mind the grass.. :)

emilys family pic turned out good! I wish the lighting was better, our bad timing

I love this one of the cousins in a tree

the lighting Finally got good... this was the last pic.. of course thats how it happens,, but we couldnt get the kids and hubby to take anymore pics, they were starving!!

This is our best family pic.. ummm.. it didnt turn out good, but it works for now. :) we are going to take family pictures in Utha next month! Im so excited!! My bestie Amy is going to take them, :)

Then we went to Serranos for dinner.. Yummy! :) THey have amazing bean dip!

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