Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Turtle is 1 years old!!! & the combo birthday party!

Brady Michael.. is 1 Year old! Its crazy, I cried, and snuggled him, because he isnt a baby anymore :( well he will be my baby for awhile longer anyways.

We went to the snow for his special day! I was so excited, I had been wanting to go to the snow all winter and it was our last chance this year.

We had a blast! drove for 3 hours.. played for about an hour and drove back home :) it was a nice family roadtrip.

Riley had fun throwing tons of snowballs at us, and playing with turtle.

Mike tried to teach turtle to kiss.. I dont think Turtle has it quite figured out yet, We have a snapping turtle!

I love my boys :)

We had a Combo birthday party for both of the boys this year, Since its a big birthday for both of them, I think it went good! :) it was nice to see everyone. and I cant wait till I can see them more, since in 2 weeks.. I wont have a job anymore.,. I am still struggling with this, more then I thought I would, but I am sticking with our decision. :)

here are a million pictures of the party! :)

The morning of the party.. We waited for the spiderman Bouncy house guy to come by.. waited and waited, I forgot their number at work, somewhere in my locker, So after 3 hours of waiting, I jumped on craigslist and started calling people. I found one, who had 1 left! and gave us a $15 discount.. But it was a princess castle :) I dont think anyone cared, or even noticed, We didnt have the tables and chairs I was hoping for, Beacause I figured we would be outside most of the time, I didnt spend much time cleaning the house like I should have, but everything turned out ok :)

the kids bounced.. allot.. and then the adults did a little too..
Turtle and I did, after everyone left :)
we had cake on Bradys birthday on the 10th..  Spaghetti for dinner,.. then his own personal little cake Just for thim!.. Ok. we all had a litle too, but he did get his own slice, and LOVED it!   Then I had to Dip him in the Bath.

Then we had cake at the party..
Brady's shirt after the cake

I made over 120 mini cupcakes.. I think they turned out pretty good, I thought they were yummy, in 5 different flavors! :) Thanks tammy for letting me use your mini-cupcake maker, I have to get one of those now!

we played games.. water balloons.. I got hit first.. drentched my white shirt.. that wasnt suppose to happen, but the kids had fun.. Riley fell on his butt but laughed it off, it was a good time..

we had a pinata :) I dont know why, but I love those things..

we ate, we talked,, we opened presents,, so so so many presents! and the boys Loved everything they got! :) Thank you guys so much!!

Jay and Brody! :) they are both adorable! :) I am so glad they got to come!

Chris and Emily,  I love this picture because.. Its what girls do :) and how husbands, sit thru it and pretend to smile to make their wives happy :)

Nerds.. I dont know what either of these crazies are doing, But I love that they both look funny in this picture  :)

Riley has played with EVERYTHING already! oh except te scooter I got him and the sand aquarium, which I am making him wait till wed to do :)

He has tried on all his clothes, and costumes.. Turtle thinks he is funny when riley is "spiderman!"

Wow! What a LONG post!.. I wanted to squeeze it all in one,  It was a great party, I hope everyone had a good time, I wanted to make it bright and colorful! and fun, and rainbow-ish. :) I think it worked!

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