Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm Gunna be a WHAT??...

Sweet Shot Day

Housewife: Married woman who stays at home to manage the household

SAHM. Yep, in 3 weeks, that will be ME!
Its so weird, I have had a job since I was 15 years old..
Total I I have 30 jobs! I know weird.. and I am only 32 years old.
1. nanny
3. Target 4 years
4. telemarketing Chiroprator
5. Dillards
6. Telemarketing (newspaper)
7.Innate incorportate
8.Place Dept store
9. KMEM radio Dj
10. Target (again) 1.5 years
11. Icing in the mall
12. Mae West Rest.
13. Village Inn
14. JB's
15. Walmart
16.Feed Bag
17. Avon
18. Southern Desert Pharmacy
19. Telemarketing
20. Chueys
21. The Rusty Pelican
22. Scottsdale behavorial health front desk Banner hosp.. 5 years total
23. SBH- Admitting
24. Banner Desert - labor and delivery tech
25. Banner Desert- Antipartum, preterm labor CNA
26. Banner Baywood - ER Admitting
27. Banner baywood- Inpt
28. Hyatt Law coverage sales
29. Scentsy
30.Apache Junction Police Dept dispatcher 4.5 years

I started and stopped selling Avon 3 times, inbetween all of these!
Allot of the time I have had two jobs at once.

I have always been finacially independant, and thats the way I like it.
But I have realized that after 5 years of juggling schedules with Michael, and working opposite shifts, so we dont have to trust a babysitter, or pay for one.. its time for a break. The kids need stabilty, and a schedule, I need a break., getting 4 hours of sleep a night at least 4 days a week is starting to wear on me.

I have been thinking about my mom allot lately, how near the end of her life.. All I did was work, my stepdad, grandparents ect. told me I need to get more then 1 job, so I worked 5 days a week from 8am to midnight!.. I came home early from work, when she took her last breaths..

The family vacations I missed, I was working, the visits with my out of town family, I missed, because I was working..

Now that I am older, and have my own family I see the same pattern emerging. I am missing Holidays, Birthdays, Family visits, important events, ... and I am old enough to know, that those moments,, are really the only moments in life that truely matter.
My hubby is giving me the freedom to be the Mother and Wife I want to be. and To be the Casey that I am.. that somewhere along the way, in the midst of all of these jobs, I have lost small pieces of me. But.. also learned so much about myself and what I will put up with.. and What I wont.
I know that working at the Police Dept has made me a stronger woman, and I am glad for that.

I have learned allot.. I have lots of skills.. and I am not worried about getting another job if I need one.. I am worried about.. what to do?..  How does one be a SAHM..
what goes into it, and How we will make it.. Will I do enough around the house, and in general to make my hubby happy that he wanted me to stay home?

I will coupon, I will price match, I will bargin shop, I will keep my house clean. lol, yeah that last one was Funny!
But I know I will do better then some people I used to know, Lol, I always was disguested when I went to her house, and I kept thinking.. she stays at home.. Why does it smell like urine.. why is there jelly from last week smeared all over the walls, and couch and door handles! Gross..  But I know depression played allot into it, Sadness and not feeling like she was worth anything, I felt bad for her, and her kids and her husband. I wish things would have been different.  & maybe they are for her now abnd I know that I will keep that in mind, to make sure I dont end up that way. Maybe her house isnt sticky from wall to wall  anymore :)
Not that my house is anything even near what i would consider clean.. but it will be soon.

I will make sure my kids get balanced meals, most of the time.
and brush their teeth everynight, and have a bedtime.. that is going to be so Weird!

I am going to go see my bestie for a few days in the fall. I am going to learn to get great at being an ametuer photographer! and take beautiful pictures for a great price! Because I really love doing it!,  I am going to cook! and learn to sew, and just ..... be happy :) I hope.

Coming into work tonight, just reaffirmed my decision to quit. Its crazy how things change, and people change, when someones dies, or someone quits their job. Lol.. but thats ok, because I am sitting here.. minute after minute, second after second, being so amazingly thankful for the decsion for the Mike and I have made together :) Thankful that soon I wont have to listen to "this" anymore.. woohoo!! There are so many things I WONT miss, and so much Drama and crazy people, and POLITICS!

All you successful moms out there.. Do you have tips?.. any ideas?... and fun things to do?... I am excited to start this new chapter in my life, and see where it takes me..

I hope you will follow my journey and feel free to comment or offer suggestions :)

If you made it this far! and actually read it, lol your a better woman then I!
go to my Crazy Daisy site, and enter the giveaway! My first ever giveaway and I know there will be more to come.


Kinda sad to leave this place,Women I have come to trust and Love,  Full of men, some kind, caring and sweet, some total jerks!, But together we were family. They are my brothers in blue, and I was looking out for them every step of the way. but just as I thought I was truely part of the team, I learn that there is no real Loyalty.. with most of them.  And thats ok, its the job, just like every other job, just people I worked with, and most I will never talk to again.. but they have taught me valuable lessons in life..... Like Codes. and I will forever think of Lic plates in words not letters,  :) 

So 3 more weeks of working....

then Freedom.. ,. Maybe this is the Liberty I have been waiting for..

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Kim said...

Congrats! It's well worth it!

Heather said...

Congratulations!! Love the images. :)

Cedar said...

Oh! Am I supposed to wipe the jelly off of the walls? I found MOPS a great place to connect with other moms of young children; they are all over the country. http://www.mops.org/

Sweet shots!

- Jessi - said...

Congrats! You'll love it.

The Double Dipped Life said...

This is so exciting! Congrats- you will love it and thrive with the challenge!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

How exciting! Good luck on this new journey. You're going to love it!