Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Family Fun!

Love Easter

It might be the spring, the colors, the fresh air, the candy..

Might be the peaceful feeling.. Of Easter and the whole reason behind it.
There is just something that I like..

I found out that someone who had an impact on my life when I was a teenager, died today :( I loved her, more then she knew, and thought about her and her family often, eventhough I hadnt seen them in over 2 years. She was a strong woman, Like my mom, cancer took the best years of her life. Cancer sucks.. I hope her family can find peace and remember the great things about her and what joy she brought to their world.

Today we went to my mother in laws for easter,
We were late.. nearly an hour late!! and we were still the first ones there. Mike was actually excited to be the Last ones there! :) but that didnt happen, maybe next holiday. :)

The kids had fun! good food, great family, relaxing day.
Here are a few pics :) 4 more days of work and counting!! :) Im excited! Cant wait till its over though.

Hope everyone had an amazing easter! :)

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