Monday, August 8, 2011

The first day......


where it all starts..

Today was Rileys first day. The night before he ws very upset and didnt want to go. He was so depressed that he went to bed early.

I was surprised how "ok" with it he was when it was time to get ready and go. He is in the afternoon class, our school only offers half day, or full day for $250 a month. This is just one of the things that irritates me.

We got ready to go, he looked so handsome.. :)

we took some pics..

one where he is really tall..

one where he is really small :)

One of us.. my little boy on his first day!

we got to school early.. they playground was closed, we werent allowed in till 12:10 its 105 degrees... all the PM kindergardeners and their parents are standing outside the gate waiting..
at 12:12 they open the gate and we heard in toward the class rooms. where the teacher stops us. one at a time she asks the kids name.. then tells them to drop their backpack and go play. Of course Riley didnt want to do that. it was so hot! Turtle was in the stroller and overheated. I took the huge bag of supplies into the classroom, and the teacher asked everyone to come back outside and wait..
One little girl asked for a drink, the teacher said no she will have to wait till she is done.. did I mention its 105 degrees outside?.
All the parents looks confused as to why the children werent allowed inside the classrooms. One at a time she started calling the kids to get their backpack and go sit on the carpet.
I hugged riley and cried a little.. They made all the parents leave as they continued to call in one kid at a time.. I waited outside the gate as he was the 2nd to last called into the classroom.. standing there alone all sweaty.. his name was called.. 12:38..

I was so upset I called michael. I hope tomorrow is better. I met another mom, who turns out she lives just a couple of houses down on my street. it will be nice to have someone for Riley to play with.

When Michael went to pick up riley.. he had to park 3 streets down from the school, and walk up. stand in line with the other parents and wait till each kid was called out one by one.. The bell rang at
3:05.. they got home at 3:25 and we only live 5 blocks away.

Waiting.. and waiting,,  and waiting..  his poor little red face..

Im hoping this cluster was just beacuse it was the first day.. :)

Riley seemed to like it, he met 2 kids and he isnt scared to go back tomorrow.

Turtle is ALL over!! He LOVES to climb, and fall and then climb again. I was doing laundry in the bedroom, Riley was sleeping, and I come out to put stuff away, I find my little sweet turtle.. Half on the computer desk, and everything knocked off on the floor! and moved around.. he smiles a cheesy smile.. I take a couple of pics, as I let him sweat out being stuck :)
last time I checked on him about 5 mins earlier he was snuggling with his blanket and watching UP so quietly.. He is a sneaky little thing.

He drew on the computer monitor with a crayon.... I had to scrub it out. silly kid..

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- Jessi - said...

Oh wow, first day of school. I think we were all scared. I know I was every year lol, the first day always seemed so hard. I'm glad it went well and hope it keeps going good! I don't want to think about my baby starting school, I think I will definitely cry.

Snichols said...

OH wow, hope the rest of the week goes smoothly! Riley looked handsome his first day! I know I'll get teary eyed when my little one starts school!

The Wishful Lamb said...

awww he is too cute, must have been such a bitter-sweet day for you

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Oh, he looked so cute! I hope drop-off and pick-up start to go much smoother!

Melanie said...

What a BIG day! He looked soooo handsome! I would have balled the whole darn day! You must be one proud mama!