Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some of my favorite new things!

A Few things I am Loving right now! :)

I ordered this for myself for my 30th Birthday!! :) Ok I know its 2 months away :) But they are cute! :)

Since I started cooking allot more... I figured it was time to get one, and She is making it just for me.. :) to fit me.. Yay ! :)

You can find these super cute aprons here! :)

I havent gotten one of these yet!! There are soo many choices! :) I have to wait till next payday, but this is the other Birthday gift to myself :)

I can't decide between the two! :) They are each Fantastic! :)

You can find these :)

Something else that I thought was neat.. I would love to make them myself.. But I have no idea where to get these dust pans... any ideas?

I am sooo excited that Fall is here!! Woohoo! I feel a little more energized when the weather changes and gets a bit cooler...
And..And... it means the Fair is coming, Halloween is right around the corner, My Birthday...Twilight movie!!!, Thanksgiving, then,.. day after Thanksgiving shopping... & Christmas!! :) woohoo.. So much to look forward to!
&&&&&&& ALL OF MY SHOWS ARE BACK!!!! Thank goodness!

3 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Dutchess said...

I love those aprons!!

Charli said...

So Cute! I am excited about Fall too...

Spencer and Heather said...

cute aprons!! I so want one :)