Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Toddler vs. Santa

Well,,, we took riley to see Santa this year..
the first year we took him, he was awesome! I wish I could find that picture. He sat right on his lap and smiled soo big! the 2nd year.. well that didnt work either! We had to sit next to santa with riley and I think he was still crying.. This year, Oh my! Thank goodness I didnt pay the $20 for the picture they took, here is the Riley before picture :) He looks so sweet right?

& Here is our version Chrismtas #3 :p Look at my face, I am trying to smile and hold on to my screaming toddler so he wont slide away! Poor santa

I read in a Parents magazine that when your child hits 2 1/2 head for shelter! & I know what they were talking about now. I sure hope this phase ends soon, I am not used to him being so defiant and grouchy! He is not usually a child who throws fits, and never in stores before this last few weeks! I know every parent goes threw some sort of stage, & I just hope I live threw it, and I hope he does too :)

4 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Dutchess said...

Aw, look at that dapper young man!
Stay strong, and one day he'll thank you for being such a great mom!

Charli said...

Hang in there! Seb got better but we didn't got through that phase very long, but both of my kids are such Drama Queens now..

Charli said...

Oh he will start smiling again, give me an hour with him..but I am sure you got great pictures with him smiling

Amy Loo said...

HA! Lily hit 3 and became a beast overnight. Good luck :)

You look cute with Santa...even if Riley didn't like him.