Friday, December 19, 2008

Madyson Grace Frazier

Since Heather doesnt have internet right now I thought I would post some pics of her beautiful new daughter Mady, She is so cute! & tiny I forgot how little they are when they come out! I am glad she was awake when I got there since I didnt have much time to visit! I know that in a few weeks heather will be back on here posting away!

I know that her family is enjoying every minute of her being here! & She says the boys are just in love with her.

3 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Bethanie and Josh Hestermann said...

I already love my niece so much! She's precious!

Amy Loo said...

What a gorgeous little bundle of pink! Tell Heather to give her a slobbery kiss for me.

Spencer and Heather said...

hee hee that's my kid!! I need to do some serious updating!! We are almost moved in so it wont be too much longer until I am back!! Thanks for posting pics so Amy could see her :)