Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Traditions.. 2008

So this is the first year we are really starting our family traditions, Riley is old enough to notice these little things.. so.. Tradition #1 Pizza on Christmas EVE! Saves me from cooking and getting dishes dirty.

Cookies! what the heck happened to my cookies!
Things to improve upon next year..
1. invest in a rolling pin

the cup seemed to work for the most part, but using our hands to smack it down was more fun!

2. make smaller cookies so you can tell what the heck they are suppose to be

3. Take more pride in decorating them

Gingerbread House! I LOVE THESE! Riley helped this year, and we got a kit from walmart for $9... it started out well :)

I love that they give you everything you need.... OOooops... Dang! .. I already have icing all over my hands!, in my hair and on my shirt..

OH CRAP~~~~ Oh well there goes $9... Riley will eat it

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